VIVIO qClinicals™

precision care

evidence-based care management

the shortest time to the right drug at the right time
for the right person

orphan access

orphan drug cost control

orphan drug carve out program

our orphan drug program design allows us to
negotiate better pricing


supply chain management

15-25% cost reduction

our care program requires us to control the supply chain, and yes, you’ll experience significant savings along the way


comforting care

premium member care service

one phone number answers all member questions about care programs, delivery logistics or anything else

benefits for members

Benefits for your employees and their families include:

  • effectiveness – know how well the drug is working
  • risk – easy access to side effects data
  • knowledge – understand options and tradeoffs
  • cost – lower out of pocket costs, $0 in most cases
  • convenience – concierge handles all logistics

“I had questions about my Rheumatoid Arthritis. VIVIO Health immediately had me speak with one of their doctors. That’s never happened with a plan before.”

BP, member

“I was paying $80 per refill until my company offered VIVIO Health. Now I pay nothing.”

LH, member

how to buy : two plan options

VIVIO Precision Care™ 

your complete specialty drug management plan

VIVIO qClinicals ™ – model-based care management
✓ orphan drug access management
✓ better employee experience through concierge service
✓ lowest drug acquisition costs

VIVIO Simple Savings™ 

a “lite” add-on to your existing plans

✓ no changes to existing plan or benefit design
✓ start program at any time
✓ better employee experience through concierge service

product comparison

feature VIVIO Precision Care™ VIVIO Simple Savings™
VIVIO qClinicals™
orphan access
rollout benefit year any time
plan changes required yes no
total savings 15-25% of current spend 5-8% of current spend

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