Costs are escalating and outcomes are getting worse because health plans, PBMs and others in the healthcare industry haven’t solved four key problems. We have.


improper diagnosis

Misdiagnosis affects at least 12 million adults each year and 28% of these mistakes are life-threatening, resulting in death or permanent disability.


use without evidence

Between 73% and 81% of off-label prescriptions are for conditions for which there is little or no scientific support for efficacy.


only works for some

Clinical trial data for common specialty drugs generally show efficacies of <25%. Frequently ‘works’ means incremental improvements in symptoms often while paying hundreds of times more.


gross overpayment

Current contracting models were developed decades ago for lower cost brand and generic drugs.  This obsolete model for specialty drugs means enormous margins for intermediaries and manufacturers.

the solution: precision care

VIVIO Health Model - Better outcomes, better cost control

The VIVIO Health platform delivers the right therapies for the right patients at the right cost. We replace your current plan with a new one focused on getting to the right outcomes for your employees.

start with data

Our patient-friendly care model starts with clinical trial and other evidence-based data. If the evidence supports a physician-recommended therapy, we authorize it. If not, we offer alternatives that are supported by evidence-based data.

measure results

We focus on getting to the “efficient frontier” and remission as fast as possible. When members are on care programs, we test for efficacy and direct appropriate clinical action based on whether working, not working or in remission.

transparent procurement

Our automated tier 1 supply chain acquires high cost drugs at the best price. No games. Complete transparency. Typical savings on specialty drug spend?  15-25%.

VIVIO Precision Care™

For the first time, patients and their clinical teams benefit from a consistent, systematic, data-driven approach delivering optimal patient and cost outcomes.

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